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Centuries of evil have overrun the Castle and taken control. Tortured souls in the dungeons. Spirits in the walls. Voices in the corridors. Do you have the nerve to visit? Will you survive as you wind your way through the haunted halls. Dive through the rabbit hole and enter your worst nightmare in 3D. Killer Kings will chase you through this house of cards, watch out for the black jacks and Queen of hearts on your way. The Royal Flush is every poker players dream, but this time its your greatest fear. Throw on your 3D glasses and prepare to enter the world of horrifying cards.

The @BTToronto Live Eye with @JennValentyne is looking particularly undead this morning! Happy Halloween! #livethefear #screemers
by screemers via Instagram

Canada's Wonderland Halloween Haunt

In early 19th century, archaeologist Dr. Carver led his team into ancient ruins on what turned out to be a deadly mission. Trek into Wonder Mountain and travel along the once taken bloodied path and hope to get out alive.

Tricksters. The mascots of Haunt. The people who bring back old school halloween and make it perfect. I've been dying to get this picture and now I want to frame it. Happy Halloween! ! ! #tricksters #halloween #knottsscaryfarm #hauntlife #haunt2014 #ilovemyjob #halloweenhaunt
by rissy_lynn_dollins via Instagram

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